The display of an electric bike is  the only component that is visible to the consumer.

Therefore the display has to be atractive for a large customer group, it has to be readable under all conditions and has to present rider information clearly.

Furthermore it needs to work under all conditions and be as rugged as possible.


Our displays receives information from the intelligent motor controller through a BUS connection.

The displays feature identical connections and are thus interchangeable 

IDbike provides different software versions for the displays. With special factory software the parameters of the bike can be changed in a simple way:



 Various displays are available:

  • A sophisticated display with LCD screen, showing speed, time, battery condition etc.
  • A simple LED display, controlling basic functions
  • A wireless LCD display is under development.
  • Apart from the standard available versions, customer specific display lay-out and info fields are possible.
  • The display PCB is custom made to the housing and button configuration that is selected by the customer


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