Flexible & programmable Displays

The display is the most visible component of an electric drivetrain. With the remote control the cyclist has the riding programs and all cycling data under his thumb. The backlight guarantees readability under all conditions.
This LCD display is programmable; therefore, the layout can be tailored to OEM- requirements.
With parametrised algorithms this display also functions as an interface for product managers to tune the riding programs according to their wishes.


Our displays receive information from the intelligent motor controller through a BUS connection, or wireless via Bluetooth.
The displays feature identical connections and are thus interchangeable
IDbike provides different software versions for the displays. With special factory software the parameters of the bike can be changed in a simple way:

IMG 1897

 Various displays are available:

  • A sophisticated display with LCD screen, showing speed, time, battery condition etc. (V3)
  • A simple LED display, controlling basic functions (V1)
  • A wireless LCD display via Bluetooth. (V4)

Apart from the standard available versions, customer specific display lay-out and info fields are possible.
The display PCB is custom made to the housing and button configuration that is selected by the customer.


Specifications Display V3

Graphic area 128 x 100 pixels
Viewing area 46 x 36 mm. (width x height)
Readability Transflective technology: perfect under all conditions
Screen layout Programmable for logo's & multiple screens
Tailor made for OEM-customers
Placement Centre of handlebar
Remote Control Remote Control Near handlebar grips (LH or RH)
On/Off system
Backlight On/Off
Communication LIN bus 3 lead wires
SW information Stored inside V3.3 controller, display can be swapped
Bike lighting On/Off manually
On/Off automatically
Waterproofing IP67
EMC Complies with EN 15194:2017
Screen data Actual speed (in 0,5 km/h. or mph)
Max speed
Average speed
Trip distance
Riding program (2, 3 or 4 support ratios)
Battery status (SOC)
Light on/off
Version / firmware
Cyclist's torque & power
Error codes
Button function System switch (lower button)
Light switch (centre button)
Program change (upper & lower button)
Screen data change (centre button)
Second screen (centre button)
OEM-version Product manager can change parameters & riding programs
Data acquisition modus
Graphically checking input sensor & current signals










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