Our controllers act as the heart and brains of the system, and are suited for all kinds of motors.

A communication BUS is used for  the interfacing with battery and display.

Inputs are the TMM signal, brake switches and speed. Supply voltage is 24 ~ 50 volt, maximum continious current is 15 amp and the controllers can handle currents up to 30 Amp.




Full specifications

BLDC sensored
PMSM sensored
       FET’s Very low RDS-on results in high efficiency
       Bus voltage:  20-48Volt
       Max DC current:          
20Amp, 60s
15Amp, continuous
Limit can be set in software
     Quiescent current: < 50 uA (standby).   On/off switch is not necessary.
     Torque Sensor input: TMM / optional extra hand grip
     User display:
Connected via LIN bus interface (12V/Data/Gnd)
3 types of display available, can be exchanged. (LED, segmented and matrix).
Also works without display.
     Firmware update: Via LIN bus (separate usb-linbus interface available)
     Additional inputs:
Brake lever (NO / NC)
Coaster brake (NO / NC)
Motor temperature (NTC)
     Additional outputs: Bicycle lights  6,3 volt
     Battery SOC: Analog voltage / 0-10V / HDQ / SMBUS / i2c
     Dimensions: 87x55x31 mm (excl cabling)
     Weigth:    140 grams
     Housing:  Black branded  solid Aluminium
     IP:  Coated PCB
Conforms EN15194
Via LCD display and/or setup files
     Option: Wireless ANT, Bluetooth 4.0 LTE interface

Tested under the most extreme conditions:

foto3CO / Uwe Schlemender 



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