Efficient & silent control

The motor controller is a key component for E-bikes and Pedelecs.
It processes sensor information and controls the power supplied to the motor (i.e. motor driving algorithms). In addition the controller handles the riding programs for the cyclist (i.e. riding algorithms). The riding programs can be tuned to the OEM's brand DNA.
The new IDbike V3.3 controller is based on FOC technology (Field Oriented Control). With FOC we can control and drive motors with higher efficiency, less noise and more torque. Thanks to the double layered topology we were able to minimise the dimensions.



                     Cables-up-LR            Cables V3


Full specifications

FOC sensorless
       FET’s Very low RDS-on (3 mOhm) results in high efficiency
       Bus voltage:  20-60Volt
       Max DC current:          
25 Amp, 60s
20 Amp, continuous
Limit can be set in software
     Quiescent current: < 50 uA (standby).   On/off switch is not necessary.
     Torque Sensor input: TMM / optional extra hand grip
     User display:
Connected via LIN bus interface (12V/Data/Gnd)
3 types of display available, can be exchanged. (LED, segmented and matrix).
Also works without display.
     Firmware update:

Via LIN bus (separate usb-linbus interface available) or Bluetooth. Separate USB LIN-bus interface available.

   Configuration :

Via LCD Display and/or setup files, or via Bluetooth

     Additional inputs:
Brake switch (NO / NC)
Motor temperature (NTC)
     Additional outputs: Bicycle lights  12 volt
     Battery SOC: Analog voltage / 0-10V / HDQ / SMBUS / i2c
     Dimensions: 87x55x31 mm (excl cabling)
     Weigth:    66 grams PCB booards only, 180 gr incl. cables & potting
     Housing:  PCB only / PCB covered with rubber potting / PCB in aluminum casing
     IP:  Potted version IP 6.8
Complies with EN15194:2017
Via LCD display and/or setup files

Wireless ANT, Bluetooth 4.0 LTE interface



Tested in the most extreme conditions:

foto3CO / Uwe Schlemender 



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