In the beginning of 2017 IDbike will introduce a new FOC controller and a new display. Stay tuned !
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The Best-In-Class E-bikes

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Develop your e-bike to the max with IDbike components

Discover the benefits of our technology:

  • High system performance
  • High flexibility
  • Tailored to your wishes
  • High service
  • Very cost-efficient

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IDbike will introduce a new controller and display soon. Stay tuned!


sensorIDbike provides various sensor systems for measuring the crank torque. The TMM4 sensor has the worlds best price performance.


displayVarious displays are available. Displays are interchangeable through identical connections.


controllerThe controller acts as the heart and the brain of the system, and is suited for both BLDC and Sinus controlled motors.


total systemsCombine our components to full systems. Compared to other systems you'll get superior performance and flexibility, and very high cost effectiveness.

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