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Fun projects

The AeroBike record bike

This project of IDbike started in 1993 and concerned a radical new design of a bike for attacking the world speed record. The main characteristic of this bike was the fact that the rider steered behind his back, in a position, which is comparable of that of speed skaters. To hold this strange, but aerodynamic position, the body of the rider was supported by a chest support, on whichthe rider could lean. After a prototype was build, the bike was tested on the road, and air resistance measurements were performed. The resistance turned out to be much lower than a conventional bike (-15%), with a rider in the so-called triathlon position.

Already the preparations for a world record attempt were in full swing, when the UCI regulations were changed, and the skate position was banned. Because of these changes the sponsors quitted the project, and the prototype AeroBike is a museum piece now.

The Bicycle CVT

Another project concerns the development of a CVT system for bicycles.
IDbike has studied suitable Continuously Variable Transmission systems extensively, and has become an expert in this kind of technology. Ten years ago one of these systems, based on a friction drive with cone shaped rollers, was developed further, and a prototype was build. Test-drives of the system turned out to be very successful; the system shifts very easily, and the efficiency of the system is reasonable.

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