IDbike is testing new chain and belt tensioners!

IDbike introduces new compact sensors

As of jan 2019 IDbike will start up the production of sensor units of a new generation. These sensors are more compact, completely flat, and are compatible with both drop aout and thru axles. A new, patented sensor system is used, to ensurehigh precision and stability of the unit.

TMM sensors 3

From left to right:

- The new Super Compact Sensor for thru axles

- A Super Compact sensor for QR axles

- The new Compact Sensor for drop out axles

- Existing standard sensor


Klever Xspeed speed pedelec of the year

On the E-bike Xperience in Utrecht the Klever Xspeed was chosen to be the speed pedelec of 2018.

Equipped with TMM4 sensor of IDbike!

Bike of the year



Xiaomi introduces a folding electric bike with IDbike Technolology

Today, the company Xiaomi has introduced its new folding electric bicycle in China, the Xiaomi QiCycle . In this bike the IDbike TMM technology is used to measure the torque applied by the cyclist. Base on this torque the power to the motor is adjusted. Also the torque is used to calculate the output power of the rider.


The specifications are as follows:

- TMM sensor for smooth biking and power output on the display
- Companion smartphone app displays in-depth info: bike status, GPS navigation, ride stats 
- 250W, 36V high speed motor 
- Panasonic 18650 20 x 2900mAh lithium-ion battery cells (same battery used by Tesla) with  Battery Management System (BMS) that lets you go 45km on a single charge 
- Shimano Nexus 3-speed hub 
- Foldable and compactly lean at 14.5 kg 
- Provides real-time stats: speed, distance, power, dynamic power, calories consumed
- RMB2,999

IDbike patent used by Giant

The first Giant bicycles with automatic chain tensioner can be found in the shops.

The tensioner was developed and patented by IDbike and now is used by Giant in several electric bike models.

Chain tensioner

The chain tensioner will compensate for all wear during the complete life of the chain.

The chain does not have to be adjusted anymore and can stay on the bike for the complete lifetime of the bike.

More information can be found on the website of Giant

TMM sensor in combination with belt drive


The application of a belt drive is becoming increasingly common on bicycles.  The advantages are obvious: No lubrication and chain case needed, almost no wear, no elongation and a long life time. IDbike has build a prototype to test our sensor in combination with a belt drive of Continental. Contrary to other belt drives, the Continental belt requires a very low pretension . High pretension deteriorates the correct working of the sensor. However, in combination with the Continental belt the system works as good as with a chain.


IDbike Banner

For some visitors our location in Riel was hard to find sometimes.

From now on our offices can be located much easier, with a huge banner on the building:

IMG 1062

IDbike Speed Pedelec

During the Eurobike IDbike showed a speed pedelec with our own technology.

The bike was equipped with a direct drive rear wheel motor, and the controller,display and torquesensor - all designed and manufactured by IDbike.

Customers who made a test ride were surprised by the smooth and powerful performance.






Stromer ST2 wins Eurobike 2014 Gold Award

The ST2 is the first worldwide digitally connected e-bike. It is connected via a built-in SIM card with the Internet and communicates via myStromer App

Stromer Schwarz Side2with any smartphone. It is equipped with Bluetooth, GPS and GSM, so that the location of the ST2 can be tracked at any time via Geolocator. The myStromer app offers even more features such as tuning, anti-theft protection, check of the battery charge status or the service booklet. With its high-performance battery and powerful motor for greater speed and a torque sensor (which is designed and manufactured by IDbike) in the rear drop-out for a smooth ride, the ST2 has everything you need for relaxed commuting.

Jury Statement:

The design and functional aspects of the Stromer are very coherent. Integrated optic, smart online integration and a drive that works very well. This is the direction that needs pursuing.


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